Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fit do I need to be before I join?
    It is our job to help you get fitter, so your current fitness level really doesn’t matter. Many people struggle to get fit on their own and don’t achieve their fitness goals. We can design a personalised program that is perfect for your current level of fitness for $50 ($95 non members), ensuring you are safe and comfortable while exercising. As you build up your fitness levels we can review your programme, to ensure you are getting the most out of your work out sessions.

  • I don't know my way around the gym, do I get any help?
    Yes! For $50 you get a 1 on 1 consultation, personalised exercise program & show through.  Gym Instructors are available during our staffed hours, ready to help you anytime you should need them – whether you forgot your programme, need help using equipment, spotting or technique advice, they are there to make sure you make the most of your time.

  • What do I wear and Bring to the gym?
    Comfortable clothing & closed toe sport shoes are important to give you support and toe protection. For hygiene reasons please wear deodorant at the gym, that way we’ll all smell nice. You will also need a towel and a drink bottle, you can fill your drink bottle up from our free water coolers. If you have forgotten your towel – no worries, you can hire one at reception for $2.

  • How soon can I start?
    Now! You can start right now. Why aren’t you here yet! Come in and see us. It’ll be great to see you. But make sure you have checked our staffed hours – we would hate for you to turn up and we’re not open yet!

  • 24/7 access - how does that work?
    In order to gain 24 hour access members are required to have a membership of 1 month or more and are 16 years and older. If you are 16-18 years old we need your parent/guardian to come in and co sign our 24/7 agreement to make sure they are happy with you using the gym while staff are not present. Concession Card holders/Casual workouts are not able to get 24/7 access.

  • Does 24/7 access cost more?
    No it does not! There is no additional charge, but you must BOOK in to get this access. We need to induct you on how to use the gym after hours, sign our 24/7 agreement.

  • I'm not a gym member, can I come for a workout?
    Yes indeed you may come for a workout, A workout can only be done during our staffed hours. So plan your workouts within our staffed hours, we cannot let you stay after hours. $17 casual visits, $13 students 21yrs and under with Student ID. Minimum age is 14yrs and older.

  • Do we do FREE Trials?
    We do not have any promotions running at the moment. Check our facebook page as we sometimes have free pass giveaways on there. You are welcome to come to the gym for a look around, pay for a casual visit and if you decide to join on the same day we can deduct the casual rate from the membership price.

  • Do we have Personal Trainers available?
    Yes,we have a range of Personal Trainers available. This is an additional charge to gym membership. Prices are approx 30 minutes $30-$40, 45 minutes $45-$55, 60 minutes $60-$75. Contact a trainer to book in for a consultation.

    Sharon Carlton 027 574 2766 carltonshaz64@yahoo.com
    Julie Kingi 021 071 8179 juliekingi@xtra.co.nz .

  • I am a Personal Trainer/Physiotherapist/Rehabilitation Coach, Can I train my clients at Sunny Gymz?
    No Sorry you cannot without prior approval by management, you need to get in touch with us if this is something you would like to do regularly. email your request sunnygymz@yahoo.co.nz


  • Membership Includes:


    • – Unlimited use of gym equipment when we are open.
    • Changing rooms/showers (excludes sauna).
    • – Les Mills aerobic classes (Excludes RPM).
    • 24/7 access – 16 years and older. 16-18 year olds need parental approval.

    3 Months$355
    6 Months$550
    12 Months$795

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    Joining fee applies.

    12 Months$17.95 p/w

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    Students 14-18 years & Seniors 65+ Membership students must hold a current Student ID & are not working full time).

    3 Months$250
    6 Months$430
    12 Months$600

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